Thursday, 27 July 2017


What I learned from my apartheid project was that white people were very cruel to black people in Africa and some other countries I also learnt that black people were treated very badly. 
Link to my Apartheid Project.

Thursday, 22 June 2017

my friend

My friend kalan is a little bit naughty sometimes and hes 
also quite witty as well. he mostly wheres blue shorts and sometimes black or grey ones. he likes to play hockey a lot he does it twice a week. but now he only does it once a week because he does surf life saving instead. but i still keep in touch with now because hes one of my best friends.
the end 


The salty water splashes repeatedly against the wet slimy rocks. People jump off the slippery wet wharf, all the fish swim around in a circling motion, the tall wooden posts stand still in the wet rain. A trees leaves slowly blow off in the strong wind. A dog sniffs a bin near by, pulling its lead. The dark menacing sky full of black thunder clouds. Everything slows down the fish stop, the people at the wharf stop, the rain slows down, everything is quiet it's like time has slowed down nothing matters at that moment apart from that everything is slow and peaceful.         

Sunday, 11 June 2017


Kaiteriteri was usual enough; It had a beach, a playground, a bridge, a lolly shop, and even a mountain bike track I never went to. My sister and I did what kids do - played in the sand dunes, swam in the sea, built sand castles, dozed on the hot sandy beach, buried each other in the sand, kayaked in the warm water, biked around the campsite, doing nothing important.

Jack Rawlings  

Wednesday, 7 June 2017

Friday, 12 May 2017


Swimming by Jack Rawlings
It was a cold cloudy day but not enough for it to rain. I was sitting on our couch when I started getting a little bored. And then I had an idea - I could go for a  swim. But when I looked outside, it was pouring down. ‘There's no way i'm going swimming  out there,’ I thought. But part of me wanted to go out there, so I decided that I would go out for a swim.

I went to get changed into my togs. They were soggy and wet, and not very comfortable. I knew it was going to be cold so I slowly advanced towards the pool. At that moment, a leaf slowly drifted down like a helicopter (except a lot quieter), and landed in the water with a noise so quiet you could hardly hear it. It was creating small ripples in the water.

Suddenly I slipped and fell right into the water. It was freezing. I tried to swim to the edge but the water wouldn't give in yet. I fought back. Everything was no longer quiet and peaceful. The water was like a big, angry beast that had been woken up.

Eventually I managed to swim to the side and climb out. I ran inside and burst through the front door and to our  fire. I felt like it was the only thing that could warm me up.  

Monday, 10 April 2017

SBC - Week5 -My Family

There are four people in my family me, my mum, my dad and my sister. We all like doing outside things like going for a walk. Me and my dad go running a lot. Sometimes mum comes with us, but my sister doesn't like running, so mostly its just me and my dad. 

We also go sailing on our boat. We mostly go to Adele Island or Kaiteriteri.

My mum and dad come from the UK but me and my sister were born in New Zealand. My mum and dad run a caravan business people can rent caravans from them. Here's a link to their business: Kina Campers.